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Collection of Masonic Resources

Below is a list of handy Masonic resources. Some are old and packed with information, others are weblogs, podcasts, and that sort of thing.

Other Masonic Authors

This is a list of the websites of other Masonic authors I know and enjoy. Please check them out and read their writing.

  • Jay Kinney is the author of The Masonic Myth and a number of other works. I've known him for many years and he always has intelligent things to say. And frequently some tasty scotch.
  • Shawn Eyer is the editor of Philalethes and probably pushes me to write more than anybody else. He gives me a lot of two-week deadlines on book reviews, so I've had to really develop my speed reading.
  • Tom Worrel is a prolific and intelligent writer. He seems to start out with a simple subject, and then floors you with the depth of his knowledge and the sheer volume of information he has to share.
  • Robert Davis is the administrator for the Guthrie Scottish Rite in Oklahoma. He is an erudite speaker, excellent author, and one of the nicest men I've ever met. He wears a bowtie with panache.


The following weblogs are of general interest to Freemasons.


Podcasts are like audio weblogs, or maybe kind of like radio programs.

Other Masonic Websites

Some of these websites are classic Internet resources for Freemasons, so it's likely you've come across them in your wanderings.

  • A Page About Freemasonry by Gary L. Dryfoos is easily the oldest existing website about Freemasonry. It is packed with information, and Bro. Dryfoos is great about answering questions and explaining things calmly and clearly.
  • Masonic Information by Paul M. Bessel is a hodgepodge of various pieces on Freemasonry, including a collection of interesting articles, lots of great statistics and demographics, and even some humor.
  • Anti-Masonry: Points of View is a website by Ed King, in which he examines the arguments of Masonry's opponents and rips them apart. He can be a bit rough, but it's a great place to check if you've got questions about how much devil-worshiping we do in the lodge, or how many virgins we need to sacrifice each Full Moon to make sure that the New World Order runs properly. (A hint: the answer to both is "none".)

Non-Masonic Resources

These websites may not focus on Freemasonry, but they deal with contemplation, mysticism, or meditative practices that lead toward positive personal transformation.

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