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Read papers and articles by Masonic author, independent historian, and lecturer Erik L. Arneson.

Article List

  1. A Brief Look at Lee E. Wells — A short biography of Masonic scholar Lee E. Wells (1907—1982)
  2. Online Lectures During the COVID-19 Restrictions — Lectures, videos, and Masonic education for the Freemason stuck at home.
  3. A Reading List for New Freemasons — A reading list for the first three degrees
  4. Freemasonry's Scottish Roots — Links and bibliography for a lecture
  5. St. John the Evangelist — A short talk on St. John the Evangelist for his feast day
  6. Review: "The Masonic Myth" by Jay Kinney — Review of "The Masonic Myth" by Jay Kinney
  7. Symbolism in Masonic Rings — A discussion of the symbolism in Masonic rings by an actual Freemason.

Date: 2020-05-04

Author: Erik L. Arneson Erik L. Arneson

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